CPanel – Setting up an additional FTP Account

As previously stated there are a lot of hosted services that come with CPANEL installed. We have already indicated how it is possible to create a subdomain that can be used to host php based sites.
If you are using a design environment you will want to set up an FTP account that can be used to upload your applications too. It is worth just making sure that you are familiar with this.

Firstly log into your account at your host cpanel.

Once configured it should appear in your FTP Accounts section here

If you want to see the FTP parameters for upload hit the related Configure FTP Client

CPANEL only allows you to create against domains and subdomains that already exist so this should be you ready to install software.

SQL Azure – Trying to Alter Computed Column definition

The situation – I have a computed column that I want to alter in SQL Azure

After googling away it turns out you cannot alter a computed column what you have to do is drop it and then re-create it again..

Bit disappointing – I then thought maybe I can just alter the function – Foiled AGAIN – that MIGHT have been possible but for the fact I needed to introduce an additional parameter into the function and that won’t work as I have to alter the parameter definition in the column definition which again is an alteration of the column..

Oh well

You might want to take a minute to compose yourself / make sure you’ve got a backup and then I guess go for it!

ALTER TABLE dbo.t002table1
	DROP COLUMN DistillPeriod
ALTER TABLE dbo.t002table1 ADD DistillPeriod AS ([dbo].[calculatematuration]([t002table1].[dateoffill],getdate(),[t002table1].[disgorgedate]));