Useful Links

Secure Password Generator

DEVelopers HUT – Daniel Pineault MVP

No Longer Set – Blog by Michael Wolfe MVP (MS Access Centric))

Best website for converting PNGs into ICO files for ICON creation

Access Programmers Forum UK – a good source of help and discussion if you want to improve your knowledge – identify what external IP you on right now!

UPTIME robot – monitor your web applications so you know if there is downtime.

Low Code Tools I’ve used..
XLinesoft – Low Code Tool

Nubuilder Forte a genuine absolutely free (at Feb 2022) Low code development tool MY SQL / Apache

Important Open Source Software
Postgres Quickly becoming the go to relational database for new developers.

The QGIS Project Arguably the best desktop GIS software bar none.

Inkscape Draw Freely Open source Graphics design which is really excellent.

Tools that I want to experiment with
Libre Office

Link between Libre Office and SQL Azure