MS Azure – Web App Service – Notes on creating a staging web front end on an existing Web App Service

At some point in developing sites for clients you will may want a satellite site feeding off the main database but with prototype features on it. Considering that certain levels of web app service come with free staging sites you may as well use these rather than either the free service which may be less well provisioned or a separate paid site that you will have to pay additional money for. The number of slots available will depend on the service you are on.

Beginners guide to setting up a staging slot

Once you have the site up and running you operate it in the same way as a normal service and so you can get the publishing details from the Get Publish Profile.

Azure App Service – Simple Web App Service IP Restriction

Its written about extensively but here are my links and notes on setting up IP restriction for web apps in Microsoft Azure. You can allow or deny specific IPs. Setting up a restriction immediately denys all other IPs.

For this you will need
1) Azure Account with Web App Service running.
2) the IP you specifically wish to ALLOW

Firstly a useful service to identify the external IP you or your customers are using.

1) Navigate to and go into your account

2) Identify the App Service you wish to place IP restrictions on.

3) Within Settings look for Networking

4) Scroll down to Access Restrictions

and select

    Configure Access Restrictions

5) Adjust as appropriate

Restrictions occur almost immediately so usually within 30 seconds or a browser refresh new policy will be in place.