SQL Azure – Export Individual Tables Using SQL Server Management Studio

Connect to SQL Azure through SQL Server Management Studio

Select the database that contains the table you wish to script

Right click on the database and select Generate Scripts

The Generate Scripts dialog should appear choose

Choose Objects
Select specific database objects

Hit Next and set the location of where you wish the file to go

Review the summary dialog to ensure you have everything correct

Next you want to decide whether you want to include data or not in the script file

Hit the advanced button and scroll down to Types of data to script

If you are wanting data to be included select schema and data

Hit the Next button and review your configuration

Hit Next and it will start the process of exporting your table with or without data

The dialog will update to show status of script generation

You will now be able to navigate to the script and open it in an editor of your choice to double check that things look ok.

Here I show a script that includes data – note you can’t see all of the insert information because the script is rather wide but I assure you it is there at the bottom.